4C Commercial MailboxesThrough the years we have seen a few major trends in the location and installing of popular 4C commercial mailboxes.  A number of designers have created separate spaces for the 4C commercial mail box units.

In many cases they are set up in a community room or perhaps a space near the building’s lobby. For individuals who need room or utilize a common area where individuals might later gather together, recessed wall units work beautifully.

Despite the fact that these units are installed in to the room’s wall, mail carriers can access all of them with a key that opens the front of the unit. Apartment units typically use this kind of mail box set up due to the lack of space inside the building’s entryway where they’re typically installed.

In those areas where room is not an issue such as lobbies with a secure area, a rear-loading 4C commercial mail box model is available. This design allows the mail carrier to load each mailbox from the rear of the unit therefore making the job faster and avoiding the opportunity of tenants having to wait for a carrier to finish filling the mail before they’re able to access their own unit.

For individuals who require multiple units, you can find multiple 4C commercial mail box units that building owners can add inside the wall that eliminates the separation in between different units as well as the need for studs in the wall.

Another option for mounting any 4C mailbox unit is the unique mailbox suite. This kind of mount extends beyond the recessed wall setup and in actual fact has a roof shelter that tenants can easily access from both sides of the unit.

The benefit to this option is that both the mailbox remains safe and secure from the weather along with the tenants remain dry as they venture to the mail box to collect their mail and packages.

The USPS prefers this kind of system because it also safeguards the mail carriers from the weather while he or she is in the operation of placing postal mail in the units. Those who don’t need a shelter can find a design that is post-mounted.

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