Roadside Mailbox GreenPreviously, curbside mailboxes were only present in rural places that homes were so far apart it was not reasonable for a mail carrier to walk from home to home.

Nowadays we see “rural” curbside mail boxes in residential areas, however. But, they have not changed nearly as much as you might think.

Classic rural mailboxes were much like the mail boxes we still see in neighborhoods, on the curb, still. They are frequently of numerous different colors and sizes, with some even being crafted from brick.

Though some of the largest changes in rural mailboxes now are in materials used to construct them as well as in their security features.

In rural areas, there’s a fantastic possibility of a mail thief efficiently getting their greedy hands on your mail with out anybody seeing it.4325 Locking Mailbox Rear View

This is mostly because of the fact you can find fewer people in the area to see the mail tampering and quite often the mailboxes are quite a distance from the home they gather mail for.

With huge numbers of people becoming identity fraud victims, property owners are making a choice to act proactively and are purchasing rural locking mail boxes as opposed to traditional rural mail boxes.

When looking for a new rural mail box, make sure you try to find one made from quality materials so you know the lock should hold up well under any conditions.

You may be forced to pay a little more for a better make of mailbox, however it will be worth the investment.

Look for a locking mailbox that doesn’t have enough space for even a small hand to fit into.

4325 Locking Mailbox Front ViewOf course, in addition to searching for a rural locking mailbox, the mailbox you choose should be of hefty materials. In rural locations, more mail boxes are swiped by vehicles than any other place.

If your mail box is constructed of sturdy materials it may recover much better than a cheaper version. Of course, it will depend on how fast the vehicle is moving when it collides with your box.

Altogether, rural mailboxes have changed just like all other mail boxes. They are now being created using locking and security features and are also being made from high quality materials and parts. This ensures a homeowner’s identity will likely be protected when it comes to their mail.

Accessible from both the front and the back, the Roadside mailbox is ideal for post mounting or can also be mounted in a column or in a wall. Watch this short video for more details.