Aluminum Mailbox Standard SystemWith the modern workplace mailbox choices and options in company mail delivery varying from those offered in the past, you may start observing changes, which often include the liquidation of the office mail delivery person job.

Mail theft and identity theft has lifted awareness for the desire for secure mail deliveries and this way of mail delivery has gone the way of the pony express.

While some people favor the personalized service, today’s businesses and offices are opting to be more secure and safe in their mail delivery practices. While a few are still opting to have a worker deliver the mail, a lot of offices are now picking to use office mailbox units to save time.

The U.S. Postal Service in 2010 established new laws for mailbox deliveries sent to buildings with four or more recipients.

Home private mail is included in these new regulations, noting that household delivery centers containing four or more recipients will have to meet the same specifications required of commercial mailboxes. Bear in mind, if you’re changing your current office mail system, you need to be sure you’re meeting USPS regulations.

In many offices, mail could be delivered to multiple recipients by designating one employee to be accountable for all incoming mail, to skirt the challenge. This takes away the need for the business to provide individual secure mailboxes for everybody that may, or might not receive any mail.

If a company has many different employees, it usually is fiscally draining to get separate mailboxes. Having said that, in offices where personnel get mail shipped to them each day, office letterboxes only seem reasonable.

Having a main concentration on ID theft these days, an office building mail person can’t simply drop mail on desks or in work areas ever again.

Instead, it is best to either have that individual hand-deliver the mail to the rightful recipient, or designate a time for mail distribution, with employees who commonly receive mail going to a convenient location to obtain their mail.

Many businesses may not be mindful of the new restrictions and continue to adhere to their regular method of mail distribution. Most also have their mail sent to a commercial mailbox outside the business and the designated employee will retrieve the mail, brings it into the property and distributes it appropriately.

The options in office mailboxes today are numerous, which allows for companies to select the right means for mail delivery possible. Whether or not you determine to upgrade your office mail system to secure commercial mail box units or choose to keep your standard delivery method available, the choices exist for your taking.