Column Eagle Rural MailboxChoices of color are no longer the only options available for receiving your mail as decorative mailboxes continue to surge in popularity.

From a multitude of colors to hand painted designs, more and more homeowners are opting to add color and flair to their mailboxes.

Whether the mailbox is for urban or residential use, adding special designs can add to the landscape or the home.

Mailboxes designed in the shape of animals are gathering attention among those living in the country and decorative mailboxes designed to look as though they are made of stone are cropping up on mailbox posts or the sides of doors in many places.

With a focus on identity theft, many homeowners are also installing locking mailboxes to protect their privacy.

There are as many styles of decorative mailboxes available to meet the many different tastes of homeowners.

Gone are the staid metal boxes available only in black or white and entering are those that offer color and specialty designs to offer hints of the homeowners’ hobby or sport affiliation. There are also mailbox covers available that can be quickly changed with the seasons.

For those who fear damage to their mailbox, the post on which it is attached can be strengthened or, in extreme cases, can be housed in a wood or brick structure for protection.

Some homeowners choose to build a brick column mailbox holder in the same style of their home. This not only adds to the protection of the mailbox but adds to the curb appeal of the home as well.

Living in the city, mailboxes have usually presented a challenge in getting away from the typical mailbox. With a variety of shapes and colors now available, specialty mailboxes are being designed to meet these demands.

No longer are homeowners limited to the old standard metal mailboxes. They can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes made out of a variety of materials.

Many specialty mailboxes are also available with locks that allow the postal carrier to drop mail through a slot in the top where it falls into a second compartment that is accessible through a locked door.

For many, decorative mailboxes not only have to look good, they also have to be secure.