Showing the world who you are, is not a bad idea! You want people to stand up and take notice of the things you do and the interests you have.

Why not show the world by decorating the first thing that they see when they pull up to your home? Your mailbox can be an extension of who you are, just as easily as the clothes you wear.

Hand painted mailboxes can be the best way to emphasize this. A hand painted mailbox will also add appeal to your home and its property value.

The most important step in having a hand painted mailbox is making sure your mailbox adheres to the USPS regulations for mailboxes.

You can choose from a number of different styles and materials, to find the mailbox that suits your fancy.

Once you have been ensured that your mailbox is approved by the USPS, and has a statement of approval, and then you are ready to begin your decorating.

You can choose a natural scene, a sports team, a floral design or abstract designs to show who you are. You may find you enjoy a purple mailbox with pink polka dots.

After all, the choice is yours and you are the creator. Just be sure to make your mailbox non-offensive to your neighbors or others who will see it.

When you are done creating your masterpiece, make sure you let it dry completely before you close the door on it. Otherwise, you will have a problem opening it once the paint has dried!