When it comes to mailbox construction, there are few options out there which have both the solidity and the style of brass. A brass mailbox makes a strong statement about the householder and can increase the value of your property. For business users it adds that classy professional touch. But brass mailboxes are vulnerable to the effects of the weather and it’s important to know how to provide them with proper care.

Because brass tarnishes so quickly when exposed to air, most brass mailboxes are lacquered for extra protection. This means that it’s important to consider the lacquer when you’re cleaning your mailbox. Scrubbing it with a highly abrasive surface, polishing it too often or using too much polish can all have damaging effects.

Ideally, you should polish your brass mailbox about once a month, using just a small amount of polish. Let the polish soak into a rag overnight before applying it, then use a second, dry rag to bring a shine to the polished areas. Never get your fingers on the surface of the mailbox as you are polishing it, as the oils in your skin can lead to discolouration and can damage the brass.

When polishing your mailbox, be sure you work over the whole surface. If small areas are left unpolished they can provide a starting point for oxidation, enabling tarnish to spread across the treated surface. Applying a very thin coating of olive oil after cleaning will help to delay the tarnishing process.

Due to its vulnerability to the weather, brass is not the ideal material for mailbox construction, but if you treat it well it can nevertheless enjoy a long life. It just needs a little tender loving care to keep it looking at its best. A well cared-for brass mailbox shows that you not only appreciate the good things in life, but that you know how to look after them, too.