In order to add to the appearance of their home’s exterior, many homeowners add planters to their front porches or to their lawns near the street.

Some even add flowers around their mailbox to add color to their landscape design. Combining a mailbox and planter is becoming more popular.

It can make a good impression whether on the porch or on the curb.

One such design of a mailbox planter uses the traditional post with small arm on which the mailbox is extended closer to the street, making mail delivery easier.

On the back side, a planter in the same shape, size and color offsets the front of the mailbox into which flowers are planted.

Adding a few flowers at the base of the mailbox can make it even more colorful, presenting additional appeal to the exterior of the home.

On the porch for those whose mail is delivered to a wall-mounted mailbox, a planter can be added to the sides, or under the planter, to add color to the exterior of the home.

Care must be taken to prevent damage to the mail when the flowers are being planted. Traditional metal mailboxes can also be painted in a floral pattern to better fit into the mailbox planter theme.

Choosing colors for the mailbox planter is easier if they are made of wood or metal and painted.

Using stone to make a planter that is adjacent to the mailbox can create a stronger area, but the colors will be limited to the available stone colors.