No matter how carefully you look after them, mailboxes will always suffer with the passing of time, and sooner or later they’ll need to be replaced.

Buying a new mailbox can be a big expense, and constructing your own is generally not recommended, as all mailboxes have to conform to USPS standards or your mail won’t be delivered. So what’s the solution? Buying individual parts for your mailbox and replacing them gradually over time can save you money and a lot of trouble.

Replacing your mailbox bit by bit means that you never have to deal with being without a mailbox or run the risk of having one which your local postal service refuses to deliver to.

It can also be an appealing way to proceed if you have a mailbox which is of sentimental value and you feel bad about just putting it in the trash.

Old mailboxes can be given a new lease of life with the replacement of broken doors or termite-damaged posts. It’s increasingly easy to buy mailboxes parts, rather than just whole mailboxes, in home improvement stores, and you’ll find still more options available if you look online.

Most of the tasks involved in replacing mailbox parts are simple enough for anyone to do. Observe the construction of your mailbox carefully as you remove the damaged parts.

Make sure that new parts will fit before you purchase them, then put them in place the same was the old parts were. The only mailbox part which is routinely difficult for the average householder to replace is the post, especially if it has been mounted in concrete.

If this is a problem, the simplest solution is often to put the new post in a different place, cutting down the old one as far as possible and letting grass or flowers grow over the stump.

Buying a new mailbox is something you should only do when you want to give your home a new look. If you’re happy with the old one, gradual mailbox replacement is the perfect solution.