Unique decorative mailboxes can be a fun way to show off some creativity or to show your neighbors a love for a hobby or other passion. It can add distinction to your home and add instant curb appeal.

There is simply something said for a mailbox that catches your eye. You can find unique mailboxes online or through specialty catalogs that you can also find online. There are miscellaneous styles, shapes and sizes.

You have the ability to select both natural and man- made materials. Below is a list of ten of the most unusual mailboxes that are on the Internet.

1.Concrete statue animals such as a manatee, rooster and kangaroo.

2.Vehicle mailboxes- fire engines, tractors and wagons (wild west style).

3.Pet mailboxes-featuring specific breeds for the pug or mastiff lover.

4.Boating items-lifesavers, tugboats and more.

5.Metal sculpture mailboxes- unique modern designs that can be designed specially for you.

6.Recycled mailboxes- mailboxes made from recycled metals and glass that are good for the environment.

7.Mini house duplicates- you can have a mailbox designed to look like a mini model of your home.

8.Profession mailboxes- Tooth box for a dentist or a cowboy boot for a rancher.

9.Brick mailboxes- masonry masters can create elegant mailboxes.

10.All wood-natural beauty shines through with lovely wooden styles that will take your breath away.

No matter if you are looking for something artistic, elegant or whimsical there is a mailbox available online. Some simple searching will make you laugh and smile all the way to the perfect mailbox for you.