Designer Colum MailboxMany homeowners are looking for a quick way to add to their curb appeal and desire to use their mailbox as not only a mail receptacle but also as an accessory. Thus, unique and unusual mailboxes are on the rise! If you’re interested in purchasing a unique and unusual mailbox, consider these varieties.

Hammered Copper Mailboxes

If you want unique but aren’t quite ready to go totally bold with your mailbox, try one of the trendy copper mailbox styles.

The hammered copper mailboxes are made completely of copper, flag and all.

These unusual mailboxes are certainly unique but they also add a sense of elegance and flair without going overboard or presenting a tacky design to your home.

Novelty Mailboxes You Can Use

If you want something a little more unique and unusual, you can now find amazing artists all around the world who are constructing unusual mailboxes in various shapes and types.

Animal lovers can find mailboxes in the shapes of various animals like cats, dogs, horses and more.

These novelty mailboxes offer a sense of personalization to mailboxes and allow the homeowner to really show their personal taste to the world.

In addition, they make for excellent conversation pieces and easy ways for visitors to find your property.

Most of these new novelty mailboxes are USPS approved, though you should check before installing them just to be sure they are accepted by the US Postal mailbox regulation committee.

Whether you need a subtly unique and unusual mailbox or are bold enough for a novelty mailbox, adding a unique mailbox to your property can bring you and your guest’s enjoyment and fun.