If you have ever walked through your neighborhood and spotted unique mailboxes, the chances are you smiled.

Rather it was shaped like a big-mouthed bass or a John Deer Tractor, unique mailboxes add a touch of whimsy to our yard.

We are often so focused on curb appeal with our paint color choices and landscaping that we forget to enjoy ourselves.

A mailbox is often no more than a metal box on a post. Why stop at such a plain mailbox when you can choose any style or theme that suits your fancy?

You can choose from categories such as animals, vehicles, buildings and more. Depending on how vibrant or unusual you are interested in you should know that with some searching on the Internet you could find it.

There are mailbox artists who will create mailbox sculptures for the base of the mailbox post.

It becomes more than a mail deposit but a work of art. Online you can browse mailbox models with full color photos or order a catalog for home viewing.

You can also choose between a varying amount of materials from wood or plastic to steel and aluminum.

For the environmentally conscious you can find recycled goods mailboxes. Reused license plates make a unique mailbox while putting something old to a new and good use.

Whether you are an aviation buff and looking for Amelia Earhart’s “Canary” or the S.S. Minnow for your mailbox, it’s out there on the web for you to find.