There is a cornucopia of mailbox parts and accessories (posts, flags and more) to spruce up your old mail receptacle.

Sure, the only times that you actually think about doing something with the faded box is when you pull in or out of your driveway, but why not plan to make it a project for this weekend?

With so many different mailbox parts and accessories readily available and easily installed, you can spruce up your old mail receptacle in less than two hours!

If you have a mailbox fashioned from metal, spruce it up with magnets!

There now entire scenes and holiday themes being sold for the express purpose of adorning your mailbox and it is not surprising that those loving their metal boxes are thinking of using this route to make it more attractive.

Since it can be changed at any time, this is a wonderful way to spend some time with the kids decorating for the holidays or just killing an hour or two on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Install a fancy flag to your mailbox and when you are hailing the mail carrier to come by and pick up a letter, she or he is sure to notice! Some flags are the tried and true red ones, but others are now for sale that come in animal shapes and also flower shapes. Why stop there?

Mailbox parts and accessories such as flags can be made at home and you might just use your standard flag and paint it, attach some sparklers to it, or even glue a number of fake flowers to it! Just make sure that the inside is flat enough to lie snug against the box when not in use.