There are really no limits to the types of wooden mailboxes that can be made and used for the delivery of the mail.

In fact, the individual’s imagination being the only thing holding them back.

If the homeowner cannot fashion the desired design, chances are they will know someone who can make the wooden mailbox they want.

From the simple metal mailbox that is wrapped in slats of wood, to the wooden mailbox that is made to look like a house or an old fashioned saloon, there really is no exception to what can be made.

The only caution is that a mailbox made out of wood will have to meet certain standards to protect the mail.

Size is not as regulated, but having a mailbox big enough to accept larger items may be a desired part of the construction.

Waterproofing is usually done on the inside and outside of the wooden mailbox to keep the mail safe from rain, sleet and snow, which everyone knows will not stop the mail from being delivered.

The wood itself will need to be treated to prevent it from rotting from the weather, allowing it to be used for several years.

When using a wood mailbox on a protected porch, there are fewer requirements for waterproofing. But, in the interest of the homeowner, making it as weather resistant will be in their best interest.

It may also be a good idea to put some type of lock on the mailbox to prevent unauthorized persons from going through the incoming and outgoing mail.