If you’re looking for mailbox replacements, one thing that is important to keep in mind is that in the U.S. the federal postal service has some say about what is considered an acceptable and authorized mailbox style and size. It’s important, therefore, that you turn to a professional merchant or mason that knows the ins and outs of postal regulations on mailboxes and their replacements.

Let’s look at the various mailbox replacements possible from one of these professional merchant sites. This site has a number of options with curb appeal, quality and durability in mind. They can offer a basic 4×43 mailbox post, or one custom made from wrought iron, wood, cast aluminum and masonry. They can save your stone or brick mailbox if it has been hit be a vehicle, putting it upright and in tip top shape once again. Or they can reconstruct the outer structure and replace the mailbox itself within that original structure.

Other than custom masonry construction of these replacement mailboxes, the turnover from start to finish is generally as little as one or two days. The price this mailbox merchant quotes you will include removing and disposing of the existing structure and system and quality installation of a mailbox that meets postal regulations.

If you’re looking for a brick or stone mailbox replacement or new structure, this firm will not only create your new mailbox but find the exact location that best suits the look and style of your home and property and the brick or stone that matches your home’s exterior as closely as possible.

While many homeowners are looking for mailbox replacements, this merchant and mason can work with developers and business owners to design attractive mailbox in an office part or other commercial setting. They can design stone or brick structures for multiple boxes and even build them equipped with security locks.

Besides new and replacement mailboxes, this company constructs quality stone and brick marquees or other business signs to your design and style specifications.