If you’re building a new home you might want to consider mailbox construction as part of the process. Especially with a brick home, there are so many masons and construction companies that can create your decorative matching mailbox right as they create your brand new home.

Let’s take a look at some of the clever and attractive options in customized brick mailbox construction.

One brick mailbox merchant in Missouri offers nine different styles that can be ordered right from the firm’s Web site. Not only a mailbox design and construction firm, this company can also help with any brick or stone entry pillars, retaining walls, patios, walkways or repairs to any of these structures. If you are in their local area they can also deliver any of the mailboxes constructed in their Missouri warehouse.

Even if your mailbox is of your own construction, you may want to purchase a mailbox liner from an online merchant. This will allow you to replace a damaged or rusted mailbox easily.

If you’d like to try constructing your own mailbox but you’ve never done it before you might want to order from an online merchant that offers the pre-designed kit for your own assembly. There are so many choices when you choose your numbers, for instance, could be brass, stone, etched or black. You have a choice of several colors with most vendors, and the keystone choices are quite amazing.

From one brick mailbox merchant you can decide among keystone choices of triangle, cross, snail, Greek god, lion, baseball, golf ball, ram’s head or eagle. You might choose to have a single planter, or even two, built into the plans for your mailbox construction. You can have lights on your mailbox if you wish, made of glass blocks.

Many of these online merchants have home storefront locations as well. If you prefer to stop by and look at the mailbox construction options you could save yourself some money by buying the previously constructed display models.