Most people do not pay attention to their mailbox. This is such a shame because a little attention to your mailbox can add flavor to your whole yard and house. You can customize your mailbox with these fun and easy ideas.

Customize your mailbox with a new coat of paint. This could work very well if you just finished painting your house. You can paint your mailbox to match. The best mailboxes to paint are those that are wooden and sanded, or those of metals that will hold paint. A new paint coat can really customize your mailbox and give it the much needed face lift. Just be sure to do it before a weekend so mail will not be delivered. Also, when you customize your mailbox with paint, do not paint it shut!

If you are really artistic, you can customize your mailbox with panted pictures. Customize your mailbox with whatever your imagination wants, vines, flowers, animals, and more. You can also customize your mailbox with
family pride. Have your children and pets all put their painted handprint on the mailbox. This will definitely customize your mailbox with your own DNA! Just leave off personal names due to safety reasons.

The best paint to use when you want to customize your mailbox is weather-proof paint .That way your customized your mailbox will survive any type of weather Mother Nature brings. Also, it may be a good idea to use non-toxic paint if the mailbox will come in contact with pets or plants.