Installing your mailbox may be a great way for you to test out your handy-man skills.

However, before beginning you should be sure to call your utility locator who will come out and mark underground pipes for no charge.

Of course, if you’re installing a box in the same place the old was in you should be fine.

After ensuring the placement is correct, you need to gather a shovel, post hole digger, bag of cement, Phillips screwdriver and a level.

Ensure you are placing the box according to the US Postal Service guidelines.

Steps of installing:

1) Cut a 12 inch square section out of the ground and save the sod. Dig down into the whole at least six inches and use the post hole digger to remove the dirt to 30 inches. You can rent one of these at a home improvement store.

2) Next, place the post into the hole and ensure there are from 28 to 42 inches between the ground and the top of the arm. Then, adding ½ of the bag of cement, dry into the hole. The ground’s water will firm it up.

3) Check your post on all sides to be sure it is level and not leaning.

4) Fill the remaining cement into the hole around the mailbox post and periodically check to make sure the post is not leaning. Be sure to leave about 6 inches of ground at the top without cement so you can replace the sod.

5) Add the mailbox to the top of the support arm post and attach it with the three included screws.