USPS LogoThere’s new USPS Regulations in effect (USPS STD-4C) for commercial mailboxes. The new rule isn’t meant to cause complications but instead to boost security.At the present time the only commercial mailbox units that are in compliance with this mandatory regulation are the 4C High Security Horizontal Mailboxes.

Although not every commercial customer must presently follow the fresh regulations, it is essential for those who submit an application for new construction or are making major renovations to a current building or commercial site to obtain these 4C wall mounted commercial mail boxes.

All 4C wall mounted mail box units can be purchased in front loading and rear loading styles. They also provide rust-proof weatherproof finishes which can’t be easily vandalized. All units are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum with the inclusion of 300 series stainless steel components to drastically increase their strength.

The new mailboxes have substantial durability for the outdoors with master loading doors that have interlocking overlap seams in order to keep anyone from prying them open.

The master loading door latch has a fast release to be able to provide easy access to mail carriers. The solid aluminum frame of the mail slot gives protection for the doors to surrounding mailboxes along with the collection compartment.

The new design in conformity with these regulations provides added protection for both mail and packages. These policies boost the security and strength of commercial mailboxes for both mail and package incoming and outbound purposes.

Each of the wall-mounted units incorporate a lock with three keys, as well as a high protection double-locking mechanism. These new regulations can help the mail and packages being shipped stay safe.

Any commercial enterprise that will be offering a new application or will be doing extensive renovations to a current building will need to be in compliance with these the brand new postal regulations for commercial mailboxes.

The units also come in quite a few various colors at no additional charge, so if you are interested in choosing something that will merge with the surroundings the alternative is readily available. Needless to say, be sure to keep all new regulations in mind prior to making any renovation plans for your organization.