Did you know there are many USPS residential mailbox requirements and regulations you must follow before using a new mailbox?

Requirements and regulations exist for both mailboxes in general as well as those specific to the make, installation, display and environment.

The list below pertains mostly to the general criteria, though some pertain to specific circumstances.

1. Use of Mailboxes: Only authorized personnel, such as mail carriers and homeowners, can legally deposit articles displaying adequate postage in USPS-approved mailboxes.

2. Appearance: Residential mailboxes must feature the homeowner’s name or address in minimum 1-inch-high numbers and consist of letters that are clearly discernible and colored in contrast to the color of the box.

These figures must be on the flag-side if possible. No advertisements whatsoever are allowed. No disparaging, obscenities, defamatory or prejudicial images, caricatures effigies or remarks are permitted.

3.Size: All must facilitate the accumulation of mail growth when homeowners are away for extended periods of time.

  • Small (T1/C1): 5inw x 6int x 18½inl
  • Medium (T2/C2): 6inw x 7int x 19inl
  • Large (TC/C3): 8inw x 11½int x 22½inl

4. Construction: Mailboxes must be strong, durable and made from USPS-approved materials.

5. Position: Curb boxes must be 6-8 inches from curb and 42-46 inches from ground top of mailbox. The flag (if there is one) must extend no closer than 6 inches to the curb.

6. Area and Delivery: The area surrounding the mailbox must be clear and unobstructed. Mailboxes must facilitate easy, convenient and lawful deliveries at all times. This includes placement on right-side of the road, in line with traffic.