Designer Colum MailboxWhether it is chosen for aesthetics or protection, a stone mailbox can add both to the curb appeal of nearly any home.

They do not have to be limited to rural architecture and will fit into the exterior design of many homes, regardless of the location.

A stone mailbox will also protect the incoming mail from weather-related events as well as vandals, who for some reason enjoy smashing mailboxes along the road.

Most stone mailboxes consist of a metal or resin collector surrounded by either cast stone or stones secured by mortar around the box.

They are set firmly on a footer near the road for easy delivery. The colors and shapes of the stone surrounding the box are numerous.

Some homes choose to have the surrounding bricks match, or at least compliment any stone work on the home.

Most people prefer the cast stone mailbox as it tends to hold together and are not subject to the effects of the weather.

They also do not crumble as easy as those built of stones and mortar if they are hit by a vehicle along the road.

Protecting any important incoming mail is often cited as the prime reason most people opt for a stone mailbox, but appearance also plays a role in their decision.

For the stone mailbox that is made of cast stone surrounding a traditional metal box, the outside of the box must be treated to protect it from rust due to the moisture being contained within the stone.

However, a little airflow through the stone mailbox often provides the means from which the moist air can escape, extending the life of the mailbox.