If you’re looking for commercial mailboxes, chances are you may feel a bit overwhelmed about what type to ultimately purchase.

Most often commercial mailboxes are used for businesses, multi-unit residential areas (apartments, duplexes) or college dorm areas.

There are multiple types of commercial mailbox systems, depending on what the buyer is planning to do with the mailboxes.

Commercial mailboxes are often great choices due to their high-quality construction and security options.

Three of the most common commercial mailbox types are listed below, to help buyers narrow down their possibilities.

Horizontal Mailbox Systems

If you have a limited area of space for mailbox use, you may want to consider a horizontal mailbox system.

These systems can be mounted to any wall and include numerous small mailbox boxes.

The boxes are lockable and include keys. Most often these types of systems are found in dorms or office buildings.

Cluster Mailbox Systems

If you are in need of an outdoor mailbox system, you may want to consider a commercial cluster mailbox organization unit.

Cluster outdoor units are designed to be freestanding and require no wall for mounting. Each cluster has a specified number of lockable mailbox cubbies.

These cubbies are stacked upon one another and connected by one standard pole system. Many apartment complexes utilize the cluster system for resident mailboxes.

Vertical Mailbox Systems

If your office or establishment gets a great deal of larger mail items, you may want to think about installing a vertical mailbox system.

They offer more space to users and can be mounted to a wall. Much like the horizontal systems, they too can be locked.

However, the extra length and space they provide can be great for those expecting packages.