Column Mounted MailboxYou can decide on different styles in brick column mailbox designs including choosing from a non-locking or locking style.

Some people could care less what their mailbox looks like but others have strong preferences on what type of mailbox they want outside their home.

Those in rural areas often choose column mailboxes but with a brick mailbox design.

The popular varieties aren’t actual brick but are aluminum and brass. However, they look like bona fide brick and can often blend very well with a home made of brick.

Salsbury Industries offers brick mailbox designs in a column mailbox in both cast aluminum in addition to antique brass. This will assure your mailbox can withstand the weather as well as the test of time.

Even if you don’t live in a rural area but have curbside mail delivery you will be able to purchase a column mailbox in a brick design.

However, you have to make sure you’ll be able to position the mailbox for drive up service if that’s the way your mail carrier delivers your mail.

In many residential areas today the carriers no longer walk as they have done in the past.

In fact, the practice is being eliminated in many residential areas though commercial establishments may still have a postal carrier that delivers mail on foot.

You can decide on different styles in brick column mailbox designs including choosing from a non-locking or locking style.

However, if you are looking for security you may wish to stay with a locking brick mailbox design.

The only time you may wish to choose a non-locking style is if you are installing the mailbox within a corporate building that is manned by security guards or other employees or in front of a residential building that is well guarded.

While you may feel a locking mailbox is unnecessary, it’s important for you to think ahead and protect yourself from mail theft and identity theft.

If you’re dealing with a commercial area where there are cameras and guards, perhaps you don’t need to worry quite as much. But, overall it is suggested you protect yourself and choose a locking mailbox design.

Sure, security is very important when choosing a new mailbox. But, when installing it you must be sure you’re following local regulations and guidelines set by your local postmaster and post office.

You can call or visit your local post office branch for information on installation requirements.

This will ensure you are following all rules and laws before you install your mailbox. After all, it’s easier to do it correctly initially instead of being forced to install it twice!