Anyone who has watched the news in the last five years has likely heard of identity theft. Identity theft is a very real dilemma that can easily ruin a person’s life.

Many people shred their opened mail because they worry about “trash divers” finding important personal information from their opened mail.

However, they should also be worried about the mail sitting (unopened) in their freestanding mailboxes.

Freestanding mailboxes with security options are created to ensure all homeowners can safely protect their mail. While there are a multitude of security options available, the most common type of security freestanding mailbox includes a lock and key.

Security mailboxes are often more expensive. However, they are well worth the extra cost. Simply ask someone who has been an identity victim and they’ll tell you the extra few dollars can save you more than you’d think.

While shopping for a freestanding mailbox, there are a few things to consider. First, be sure to invest in a mailbox with an adequate locking system. If the box can be easily opened with a hairpin, it’s not functional.

Next, be sure you can easily access the box yourself. Sure, you don’t want others to be able to access your mail. However, you need to be able to access it yourself! So, don’t choose a freestanding mailbox you can’t operate properly yourself.

Remember, a freestanding mailbox with security options can help you feel safe about your mail sitting in your box throughout the day. You’ll no longer need to rush home to get the mail because of identity theft fear. Instead, you can feel confident your mail is safe and sound!