Bronze Mailbox Post In-GroundIt can be challenging to choose the right mailbox, but the most important consideration is for it to be large enough and strong enough to handle the amount of mail you ordinarily receive.

It is also important for it to look attractive and complement your house and those in the neighborhood.

While this may not be as important to those in commercial establishments, having an attractive mailbox is essential for residential customers.

In addition, with the way most neighborhoods are laid out in the 21st century, most mailboxes are installed at the street level, increasing the need for mailbox posts.

Before you start installing your new mailbox it’s important to contact the USPS local branch to determine what specific regulations regarding height and placement you need to follow during installation.

If you’ve never attempted to install your own mailbox post, it might be intimidating and challenging.

However, once you know the process and obtain the proper tools it is fairly easy for anyone to jump into this task.

Many local post office districts have specific regulations that define the type of mailbox post you are allowed to install.

Most of these regulations are related to road safety since the carriers in these districts do not customarily leave their vehicle to deliver the mail.

For instance, a mailbox post that is too heavy or is installed too deeply into the ground will remain stationery when there is impact from a vehicle thus creating a hazard to any occupants inside the vehicle.

On the other hand, if it is not installed far enough into the ground it will be very easy for it to fall into the road and create a hazard as well.

Under federal regulations, the height of a mailbox post must be 42 inches from the bottom of the mailbox to the ground.

In addition, the post must be placed at least two feet from the side of the road in order to allow your mail carrier enough room to pull off the side of the road safely when he or she delivers your mail.

Installing a mailbox post can be easy when you follow these steps:

* Using a hole digging tool, be sure to dig a 1 ½ foot deep hole into the ground. The width of the hole should be about five inches wider than the mailbox post itself.

* Center the new post into the hole after preparing the concrete mix.

* Hold your mailbox post steady and carefully pour the concrete mix in the hole, surrounding the post.

* Make sure the post has support while the concrete dries.

* Be sure the concrete is completely dry and attach your mailbox. To complete the project, replace soil and grass over the dug area and the concrete.