When it comes to finding out how to install a new mailbox, you will do well to not only consider the location where you are thinking of placing the box but also the material from which it is made.

Some metals are heavier than others and if you opt for a plastic receptacle, the odds of not being able to drill holes through it are high.

Begin your quest for installing a new mailbox by deciding where to place it.

Keep in mind any USPS regulations that are in effect in your area with respect to the placement of the mailbox. In addition, remember your weather!

Placing a new mailbox that is not waterproof in the midst of an unprotected patch of grass or dirt in the summer might be okay, but when the rains of spring and autumn occur, you may find that your mail is habitually soggy.

Once the location is confirmed, check to see what hardware came with your mailbox.

When you try to figure out how to install a new mailbox, the manufacturer recommendations and other items included in the packaging are usually quite valuable and very often some hardware is also included.

Even if you do not think you need them now, keep them handy in case you change the location later on or decide against the method of installation later on.

Use the pre-drilled holes whenever possible and if you must drill you own, make sure you use some caulking to prevent leakage into the actual mail receptacle.