Locking Roadside MailboxesWhen you need a whole new mailbox installed, you very likely don’t give the task much thought. But, there are government regulations which oversee how locking roadside mailboxes must be set up.

The guidelines aren’t intricate and are designed with the sole purpose of making it easier and more efficient for mail carriers to deliver the mail to your house or office.

One of the primary considerations to bear in mind is if you pick a custom-designed mailbox it must be authorized by the local postmaster.

You are not permitted to simply design the mailbox any way you want and if you attempt to do so it is fairly possible you’ll have a problem receiving your mail.

Any mailbox with a lock must have the approval of the Postmaster General and include a slot sufficient to handle the quantity of mail you ordinarily receive.

It is against USPS regulation to display any type of advertising on either the mailbox or the mailbox post.

You are authorized to add a receptacle for newspapers to the mailbox as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • The receptacle doesn’t have to touch the mailbox for support
  • Does not interfere with the regular process of mail delivery
  • It can’t prevent the flag on the mailbox from the view of the mail carrier
  • It can’t exceed the front of the mailbox once the door of the mailbox is closed
  • The receptacle can’t create a safety hazard either to the mail carrier or his or her vehicle
  • The name or address on your mailbox has to be a minimum of one inch high so it is clearly visible to the mail carrier on a traveling route.

The mailbox needs to stand between 41 and 45 inches above the road’s surface except in times when the road or curb will not allow this distance.

Even though it may seem like common knowledge, you must put your roadside mailbox on the right side of the street so the carrier’s driving route won’t be altered.

Your mailbox should be positioned between 6 and 8 inches from the curb. In order to make sure you are following the most current regulations, contact your local post office before you move your mailbox.

It is also essential for you to keep your mailbox in good condition, ensuring the post is sturdy and not busted.

There must always be an obvious pathway for mail carriers to put mail into the box or they’re not going to deliver your mail.

It is the obligation of the owner to change out any mailbox that becomes damaged.

Here is a video overview of how to replace an existing mailbox, installing a new post in the ground.