Instead of paying a handy man to install your new mailbox, why not consider doing it yourself?

With a few simple instructions and a little time, almost anyone can successfully install residential mailboxes. The first step is to think about where you’ll place the box.

You may want to check with the USPS for any guidelines regarding box placement in your area. They have strict regulations and can require you to move the box if you don’t follow their rules.

Next, you’ll need to gather your materials. Buy a mailbox that can withstand any type of weather.

While a metal box may be less expensive, it may also require more upkeep if it rusts. Many people are choosing to go with the plastic residential mailboxes.

You’ll also need to buy a few posts (one for the mailbox to rest upon and one that anchors it into the ground. Also, be sure you choose a mailbox with pre-drilled holes so you can ensure you can perfectly line it up on the post.

Dig your hole and fill it with concrete. Place your anchor post into the hole and allow it to set overnight.

Be sure you’re doing this project in dry weather, or your concrete may not set correctly.

The next day you can secure the shorter post to your anchor post and then secure your mailbox to the shorter post.

Installing your own residential mailbox is a very simple job, once you have the materials you need. Not only can it save you money, but you’ll feel great knowing you did it yourself.