If you’re worried about the security of your mail, especially if you receive checks or sensitive documents through it, then you may be among the millions of Americans who are considering buying locking mailboxes.

A mailbox of this type can not only deter thieves but can provide greater security against fierce weather and can deter the curiosity of nosy neighbors and the mischief of children. But how do locking mailboxes work? What are your options as a householder?

The idea behind mailboxes like these is much like using a mail slot in your front door. The postal service don’t have access to the main part of the box (items for collection can be placed in a separate section), but post the mail into the box through a slot.

You then unlock and open a door in the box to collect it. In many models, this door is in the rear, so that you don’t have to step out into the street to access it. This gives you extra privacy and is a useful safety consideration if you live in an area with heavy traffic.

Having to keep track of a key and unlock your mailbox every day may seem like a lot of hassle, but it’s well worth your while if it keeps your mail secure.

It can also be an option in apartment buildings, where your delivery agent can place mail in a series of locking mailboxes so that each tenant has a secure collection point. This stops other tenants from prying into your mail or stealing it. It’s easy to set up and is the sort of thing which tenants’ associations are often able to help with.

As locking mailboxes become increasingly popular, it’s easier and easier to find one which suits you. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t look back. Knowing that your mail is safe can give you real peace of mind – it’s security you’ll get used to.