Newspaper Holder for Roadside MailboxOne of the most popular new trends in mailboxes is the mailbox with a newspaper holder attached.

Often, a traditional mailbox will have a covered area underneath the actual mail receptacle.

This area is often just large enough for a newspaper to be securely placed in it, offering a new innovative solution in newspaper delivery.

Benefits For The Homeowner

The main benefit of using a mailbox with a newspaper holder for the homeowner is the protection it offers. A mailbox with a newspaper holder will keep the paper dry, even in the worst weather.

Sure, it may be a bit less convenient to walk to the mailbox to get the morning paper. However, if you loathe a wet paper, it may be worth the extra few steps you’ll take.

Of course, if your newspaper delivery person has a problem getting the paper to the porch on most days, having them place it in the mailbox with the newspaper holder may be the best overall choice.

In addition, your newspaper person will be glad they no longer are forced to walk your paper to your door. It saves them time and prevents them from making location mistakes.

With a newspaper holder attached to your mailbox, you’ll never need to go on a “paper hunt” again.

The delivery person won’t have the opportunity to throw your paper in the bushes or anywhere else.

Your door will never been broken again, due to a hefty throw. Instead, you’ll always know exactly where to find your morning paper!