New Orleans has had a rough few years since 2005. Although construction in the wake of the hurricane has been steady, it is a sad testament to the budget constrictions that one of the items not considered in the rebuilding were the mailboxes.

Granted, mailboxes are not that expensive – all things considered – but for someone who lost everything in the floods, there is a lot that most others take for granted but which the victim should not have to spend extra money on.

As New Orleans has a mailbox shortage, plastic to the rescue is the battle cry of those who are willingly donating Rubbermaid mailboxes.

Made of plastic and ready to withstand inclement weather and also incidents of vandalism, they are the kinds of mail receptacles that combine functional safety with an attractive sturdiness and therefore make for a wonderful addition to the newly constructed homes and also apartment buildings.

Although most anyone hopes that the weather of 2005 will remain a distant memory, the fact that thieves are seeking out victims of the New Orleans hurricane in an effort to either defraud them or steal their identities and then cash in on any assistance they may receive is a sad state of affairs necessitating the use of vandalism-proof security mailboxes.

With New Orleans having a mailbox shortage, plastic comes to the rescue again and those who are already in the possession of such a mailbox are frequently wondering how they ever lived without this kind of mail receptacle.