Roadside Mailbox BlackWhile post mounted mail boxes are perfect for mail carriers to quickly deposit mail into them, they do pose a threat of criminal damage or mail theft, due to the fact they are so near to the road and quite often far from your house.

Moving into a non-urban area offers quite a few challenges regarding how to secure the mailbox, normally installed on a post in the grass, to make it accessible to motor route mail carriers.

It is very important you place your mailbox in a location where as the mail delivery person pulls up adjacent to the post mounted mail boxes on their path, they can easily deposit the inward bound mail while collecting any outgoing postal mail.

Add to that, in northern climates where snow removal can pound the pole mounted mail box off the pole to which it’s mounted, the difficulty grows even more substantial.

A good number of post mounted mail boxes are anchored to a stand that’s then secured to the pole. Provided the pole is undamaged, the mailbox should furthermore be solid.

Due to its frequent distance from a house, a post mounted mailbox can be an open invitation to those criminals looking for private information. A locking mailbox could be the perfect substitute for leaving your mail available to others. ID theft is a real issue in large and small cities right now.

Thieves are looking for the easiest way to gain personal data they can turn around and take advantage of for the own private benefit. Frequently, they can get everything they need via your bills mailed to your mail box. Although many individuals are stopping bills from arriving at their house and are banking completely online, there’s definitely still a risk by doing this. This also can be susceptible to online ID theft.

If you would like to guard yourself from mail thieves, it is critical to use a locking mail box. To eliminate the need to supply the mail carrier with a key to the mailbox, many rural locking mail boxes have two separate areas. The top end area is where the letter carrier deposits the mail in the box.

The mail then falls into the bottom part of the locking mail box, accessible exclusively by unlocking a door. The lever in the mailbox prevents anyone from reaching into the top and gaining access to the mail, supplying a higher standard of security for your inbound mail.This keeps your mail exceptionally secure, and also allows your mail carrier to quickly deposit your mail into your box.

Try to remember, it’s important to maintain your post mounted mailbox to be sure the mailbox will not come off of the post. Commonly, the post is made of heavy-duty metal and placed deep in the ground.

There will be a mounting plate which links to the top of the pole and the mail box is then safely fastened to the mounting area. While usually made of sturdy materials, repeated inspection can avoid them from falling off whenever they become worn or damaged.

When you are searching for a new mailbox, consider locking post mounted mail boxes to help keep your mail safe.