It is a sad testament to the times that homeowners must now fear not only thieves and home invasion robbers but also those who would steal their mail and subsequently also their identities for personal gain.

In response, Rubbermaid plastic weather and vandalism resistant mailboxes are seeking to provide concerned mail recipients with mail receptacles that are safe, functional, sturdy, and nonetheless aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, where Rubbermaid plastic weather and vandalism resistant mailboxes truly shine is in the arena of keeping safe the mail that is delivered in wet and cold climates and where frequent rain and snow has a way of interfering with many activities.

Those with regulation plastic boxes know that very often water can leak into the receptacle itself and the resulting soggy mail is hardly easy to read.

At the same time, metal mailboxes do not fare any better in wet weather and although they keep out vandals, they do not prevent water from entering and some may actually begin rusting within days of being out outside.

To this end the Rubbermaid plastic weather and vandalism resistant mailboxes present a line of products that fit each and every need, and do not encounter the problems that so many other mail receptacles have faced.

For the consumer, the line of Rubbermaid plastic and vandalism resistant mailboxes makes a lot of sense and even though some may a bit more costly at the onset, the fact that they do not need to be replaced nearly as often as some of their counterparts makes it clear that they will pay for themselves in virtually no time at all.