Mailboss Metro Locking Wall Mounted MailboxSecurity is a big issue in today’s world and more companies are choosing to go with locking wall mount mailboxes.

Even in smaller buildings and even in the garden apartment buildings, individual mail deliveries are becoming a thing of the past.

You may be wondering why wall mount mailboxes are so popular with some people.

When there are a large number of people in a building it is always easier to install wall mount mailboxes.

This allows everyone to have a mailbox for their personal or business correspondence without taking up a great deal of space.

While most people think of this in terms of a corporate office building it can also pertain to a high rise apartment building.

After all, the postal carrier is not going to deliver mail to every single person in the building so there must be a central location where the residents can collect their mail.

While many buildings have chosen in the past to provide nothing more than wooden boxes where people can collect their mail, many are going to wall mount mailboxes in order to enhance security.

Wooden mail slots are being reserved for companies that have a need to sort their mail rather than for collection by tenants of a corporate building or high rise apartment building.

The additional advantage of wall mount mailboxes is they are larger than the average wooden or metal mail slot and as such can hold larger mail packages.

While this may not be important to the residential apartment dwellers, it can be quite advantageous to commercial mail customers.

Mail carriers no longer have to bring mail to individual mail slots as they did in the past. Instead, they can make one stop in a building with wall mount mailboxes and be on their way.

This saves time for the mail carrier and increases security for the recipient of the mail. With mail fraud and identity theft terrifyingly present in America today, the need for more security within a mailbox is increasingly important.

You may think it could not happen to you, but if it does you can bet you’ll be devastated. So, instead it’s much wiser to be proactive and take steps to prevent the mail fraud or identity theft from occurring in the first place.

While some neighborhoods are resorting to cluster boxes, there is still a tremendous need for wall mount mailboxes. With more corporate buildings arising with multiple companies within the same building and high rise apartment complexes, the need is on the increase.

Of course, there are individual wall mount mailboxes as well as those within the corporate buildings. While residential homes used to have wall mount mailboxes without locks, they are now resorting to locking mailboxes for security reasons.

Commercial buildings with wall mounted mailboxes on the outside of the building are also opting for locking mailboxes as well. Security is of upper most importance for both business and residential customers in today’s world which is why wall mounted security mailboxes are ideal choices for many.