4B+ Horizontal Mailbox - 10 B Doors (9 usable) - Bronze - Front Loading - USPS AccessIf you live in an apartment, you probably know most apartments have cluster mail boxes where everybody’s mail is delivered to their own security locking mailboxes.

Primarily, boxes are normally installed inside a part of the structure. Dependent upon the number of units it has to serve the mailbox unit might take up a considerable part of any wall. Obviously, not all apartment mail boxes are inside.

Letter carriers should be sure all mail is delivered into each person’s mailbox. However, they really don’t have the time and energy to open each and every box and insert the mail separately.

What they do have available is one huge opening, that generally opens in the back of the unit using a master door, which allows them admission to all of the specific mail boxes at the same time.

They simply open the main door and can see all of the insides of all mailboxes there. Following that they can put the mail directly into each box individually. Larger items that do not fit into the box may be shipped to the apartment door of the addressee or, in some cases, simply placed on the floor in front of the property mail box.

Many apartment mailboxes also have a slot in which residents can put their outgoing mail. This offers security for the outgoing mail and causes it to become available just to the letter carrier.

Without this kind of access, the outbound mail remains in plain view of anyone passing by, making it subject to theft or becoming lost in the mail. Lots who have to rely on this kind of outgoing mail system elect to hand-carry the mail to their local post office or perhaps to a secure mail drop far from the apartment building in which they live.

A lot of apartment buildings really don’t house their mailboxes inside and instead leave them outside of the building. You could have seen a big bunch of mailboxes mounted on a pole or other kind of structure with a single-key fastener accessible in the rear of each mailbox, via which the letter carrier places the incoming mail. Some of the other designs have a locking box that requires a key from the renter. Others can have no fastener at all, leaving the postal mail exposed to theft or vandalism.

Securing mailboxes for apartments were probably one of the primary locking mailboxes to hit the marketplace, as apartment mail boxes have always needed locking appliances. Modern day homeowners are also seeking locking mail boxes for single home dwellings, however apartments rentals have always possessed the main benefit of having a locking mailbox.

Locking mailboxes not only help to keep people from snooping in your mail, but could also help prevent someone from gaining access to your personal information and take part in ID theft. Since apartment communities house a number of people, it is crucial the locking mail boxes they use are secure and of top quality.