There is a new market for solar lighted mailboxes and posts. Although the average sunny southern Californian might not see the need for such gadgetry, those living in colder winter climates are only too aware of the early hours that sunlight departs.

As a matter of fact, many times it gets dark so early that the mail may not have even been delivered yet, but because of street lighting centralization, the official street lights might not yet have come on.

Having solar lighted mailboxes and posts in such a situation makes the job of the mail carrier a lot easier and also allows those coming home in the dark to see their lit up mailbox as the homing beacon alerting them to the proximity of their driveways. In such instances security for other reasons plays a vital role as well.

How easy would it be for an identity thief to simply drive by and empty your mailbox while you are away?

Yet with the advent and growing popularity of solar lighted mailboxes and posts, this kind of activity no longer goes unnoticed but is now illuminated, greatly increasing the risk of the individual up to no good.

In addition to the foregoing, the idea that solar lighted mailboxes and posts are a great way of saving on money is a given.

After all, simply consider that even without the need for electricity, your property is still properly illuminated and thus provides safety to your home as well as your mail – all with just the simple solar lighted mailboxes and posts.