Whether you are a fisherman, truck driver or boater there are specialty mailboxes that send your special message to everyone who passes by your house.

Many are in the shape and colors of your hobby and are legal for delivery of the U.S. Mail.

However, fitting your hobby into your décor is not the only reason for looking into specialty mailboxes.

Some areas can be dangerous to the post box sitting at the end of the driveway.

Vandals, auto accidents and even every day use can take a heavy toll on the mailbox.

There are some designs that can stand up to the worst abuse.

Encased in brick work to fit into a surrounding fence or made of durable metal, many specialty mailboxes can take a lot of punishment and still be ready for duty.

One of the most popular mailboxes is one that opens from both ends.

The mail can be delivered from the vehicle as usual. But, the recipient can open the box from the back, eliminating the need to step in front of the box, possibly into traffic on a busy road.

Mailboxes for delivery to the house can also be made to hang on the porch wall with an opening to allow the mail to fall directly into the home.

Whatever the reason or need, there are numerous sources for specialty mailboxes.

If the one that fits your fancy cannot be located, it may be possible to have it specially designed.

Most are fashioned of durable metal with at least three coats of baked on enamel to withstand the rigors of outdoor exposure.