In addition to purchasing a locking mailbox, you also need to choose one that is durable.

Just having a lock on your mailbox is not going to deter thieves if they can easily damage your mailbox and still steal what is inside.

Identity theft is becoming more problematic as we move farther into the 21st century.

Mail Boss Logo ImageThe problem which used to be a rarity and was confined to those instances when someone managed to steal records from large companies has now risen to new levels and identity thieves are learning new tricks.

One of the most common tricks is to break into mailboxes and retrieve mail that includes personal information of the mail customer such as social security number, address, full name and date of birth.

When this information is in the hands of identity thieves, your financial information is in jeopardy.

One of the best ways to secure your mail from identity theft is to make sure you have a durable locking mailbox with a lock on it.

Many people have had to replace existing mailboxes because in the past it was not necessary to have a lock on your mailbox. It was rare for anyone to steal from the U.S. Post Office because they actually feared being convicted of a federal crime.

Today thieves have become more confident and no longer have the fear of being caught. In some cases they feel they are above the law and want to blame the mail customer, feeling they brought it upon themselves by failing to properly secure their mailbox.

In addition to deterring thieves, a durable locking mailbox will reduce the chance of vandalism and in the case of rural mailboxes, accidents. The more precautions a mail customer takes, the less likely he or she is of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Another way to secure mail from identity thieves is to make sure you install your mailbox in a prominent area. This reduces your potential for theft because it will be easier for witnesses to see what is happening especially in residential neighborhoods.

While this isn’t usually a problem with rural mailboxes, it can sometimes be problematic for those who install wall-mounted mailboxes.

In an attempt to hide their mailboxes from thieves, they realistically make their jobs easier because no one can see what they are doing. The key is to make it more difficult for the thief by installing locks, having a durable mailbox and assuring he will be in full view of anyone who may come close to your home.

Overall, making the decision to be more proactive in protecting yourself from the potential dangers of identity theft is a great step forward for your financial future.

While there are many things to do to help protect yourself, choosing to use a secure mailbox is without a doubt the easiest to accomplish. With the rise in identity theft currently plaguing the nation, investing a small amount of money in a secure locking mailbox might be the one thing that protects your identity!

Mail theives are stealing mail with sensitive information throughout the country.