Roadside Locking MailboxThe days when we can feel safe without having residential locking mailboxes has faded into oblivion.

They have faded into the same oblivion as the days when people could feel safe in their homes without locking the doors when they went to sleep or left the house.

In the 21st century people cannot even feel comfortable and safe unless they have a mailbox with a lock because of potential theft and the threat of identity theft.

This new crisis has led mailbox manufacturers such as Mailboss and Salsbury Products to change their product lines to include residential locking mailboxes and thank goodness these products are available!

In order to reduce the potential for identity theft, residential customers must develop the habit of choosing mailboxes which lock. While there are still some mailboxes available without locks, they usually have an optional lock. Even if you have a wall mounted mailbox, it is not a good idea to leave yourself open to potential mailbox theft.

An unlocked residential mailbox will allow thieves to steal not only any checks or credit cards that may arrive in the mail. However, they will also be able to obtain personal information, especially if any checks contain your social security number.

While the possession of residential locking mailboxes is no guarantee of protection, these types of mailboxes certainly reduce the potential. When you reduce the opportunity, in turn you reduce the potential for it happening.

That doesn’t mean thieves will never be able to break into your mailbox, but when you have a residential locking mailbox, you remove the opportunity; they will have to use some ingenuity to accomplish their task.

Most thieves are looking for a quick way to do their crimes, and locking mailboxes do not fit into the mold. They want to be able to open a mailbox, find the mail which may be helpful to them (checks, credit cards, personal information) and move on to the next victim.

If you have a locking mailbox they are not going to waste their time on you because it will mean they have more of a potential to get caught. Thieves are lazy and they certainly don’t want to get caught.

Do not think if you have a wall mounted mailbox on the front of your home you are free from potential theft. You will not be home at all times and just a short trip to the grocery store provides enough time for thieves to strike.

Protecting personal information is one of the most important things people accomplish with residential locking mailboxes. You can choose from a wide variety of styles including rural mailboxes, column mailboxes and wall mounted mailboxes. All provide the protection you need while allowing you to choose the style that fits your needs.

Taking a stand against potential identity thieves is a wise idea and you can quickly and easily accomplish this by installing a secure locking mailbox. One small investment in a quality mailbox can help save your identity and your financial future!