It’s probable you’re already familiar with wall mounted mailboxes, particularly if you live in an older neighborhood where your mailbox is mounted on your home.

Modern Mailbox Black Eagle DoorHistorically, wall mounted mailboxes were only designed to shield the mail from weather until the homeowner could get to it.

In today’s modern day world of identity theft, it is essential to replace those earlier wall mounted mailboxes with locking wall mounted mailboxes.

Though it may be sometimes possible to easily add a lock to an existing mailbox, if your box is older, you might want to simply change it out with a more contemporary security enhanced locking wall mounted mailbox.

Both Mail Boss and Salsbury Industries have a wide array of different locking wall mounted mailboxes including brass and Victorian residential styles.

There are more options for locking wall mounted mailboxes, as well, such as apartment building wall mounted mailboxes.

In this situation, each person’s mailbox has a lock, and the postal carrier is able to unlock the group of boxes and insert the mail without entering individual boxes from the front.

This offers security for the renters of the building although there may be some limits on the size of envelopes which may fit.

So to strengthen security on your mailbox, you need to add your name or your apartment number to eliminate the possibility of misdirected mail.

Businesses also often use locking wall mounted mailboxes, although most used in commercial environments are larger and vertical-styled.

Still key-operated, these vertical wall mounted mailboxes provide security to each and every commercial customer whether they are mounted in a building with a variety of tenants or in the front office of a single tenant building.

There are even more varieties of wall mounted mailboxes, such as the locking wall mounted mailbox parcel locker. Commercial customers may choose this option in several different sizes and colors from Salsbury Industries.

This is the perfect options for commercial customers who receive regular package deliveries and do not always have someone available to accept them.

It is also more secure than leaving packaging at the reception desk or loading dock. Like all the other wall-mounted mailboxes, the parcel boxes come equipped with a lock and key to deter theft.