Most homes built between 1970 and 2006 include mailboxes located on posts. These mailboxes sit at the edge of the driveway, being accessed by a driving mail person.

If you look at most homes, their mailboxes are placed, sitting on a post.

However, today more and more builders are choosing to construct homes with wall mounted mail boxes and mail slots.

While postal workers would often rather drive than walk their route, there are several reasons wall mounted mail boxes and mail slots are preferable to homeowners.

Charming Appeal

Not only are wall mounted boxes less likely to be hit by cars, but they are also quite charming in appearance.

Traditionally, houses all came with mail slots in the front door. Thus, the new trend of recreating a “small town feel” often includes mail slots instead of street mailboxes.


Most homeowners agree wall mounted boxes and mail slots allow for ultimate convenience.

They allow homeowners to simply gather their mail on the way in the door or reach their hand out to get the mail, without having to worry about seeing the neighbors. They create a more private way of gathering the mail.


Wall mounted mailboxes and mail slots are also a step up in terms of security. Being so closely placed to the door, thieves are less likely to try to steal your mail.

With identity theft on the rise, it’s wise to consider a box with a lock and key however. Of course, if your mail slot is located on your front door, there’s no need to worry about a thief stealing your unopened mail from your box!