Someone just phoned us, and was having trouble rounding up our two door mailboxes on the site, so I did a little research.

They declined to leave their phone number or email, but in case they come back, or if YOU are also looking for some mailboxes that have more than one opening, so you don’t have to stand in the street to get your main, here’s what we’ve got…

Note that each of these is a locking two door mailbox, but for a $10 increase per box, the lock can be removed and a thumb latch can be installed.

If there’s a downside, it’s that at this time it will be necessary to telephone us after your internet order, – or – reply to the e-mail confirmation immediately, that you wish to choose the additional $10 per unit for the thumb latch units. Sorry, technology problems 😉

Model 4325 – 8 choices

  • 12-1/2 inches wide
  • 13-5/8 inches high
  • 18-1/4 inches deep


4325 Locking Mailbox Rear View


Model 4350 – 4 choices

  • 14 3/8 inches wide
  • 17 1/4 inches high
  • 23 inches deep

4350 Locking Mailbox Front View









Model 4375 4 choices

  • 14 3/8 inches wide
  • 14 inches high
  • 23 inches deep

4375 Locking Post Mount Mailbox Rear View









Thumb Latch Option For Roadside Mailboxes, Mail Chests And Mail Package Drops

Salsbury replacement locks are available for commercial mailboxes, residential mailboxes and lockers. All locks include at least two (2) keys where applicable. Corresponding key blanks (box of (50)) are available for most key locks.

Thumb Latch for Roadside mailbox