Designer Colum MailboxWhether you are looking for information to help in making a purchase or want to know more about identity theft and how to prevent it, we’ve got many useful articles full of information about installing a new mailbox, choosing a new mailbox, what the USPS regulations are, and much more.

Your new mailbox should last for many years, so it’s worth taking a little time, doing some research and ultimately selecting the right product for your needs.


USPS News Update 2015

Here are a few of the latest USPS news stories for USPS.Com. You will also find the latest news from Stamps.Com Latest News from USPS.Com Charlie Brown Christmas Forever stamps bring cheer to holiday greetings and packages Wednesday, September...

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Locating a Professional Mail Drop Box

Mail Package Drops A commercial mail drop box comes in a variety of styles and colors to fit the requirements that come with each and every business. Some organizations still prefer the doorway unit that allows the carrier to simply put the mail through the postal...

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Steps for Dealing with Identity Theft

Identity thieves are about as clever and devious as any criminal can be.   While it is extremely difficult to restore your good name after the thieves do their damage, it can be much easier to take steps to protect your credit and identity in the first place. Steps to...

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The Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Mail Theft

The problem of mail theft is a growing problem and often comes with the added problem of potential identity theft. Mail theft is a federal crime and it is the number one white collar crime in the United States nowadays according to postal inspectors. Furthermore, mail...

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