Mail Package Drops

Mail Package Drop BlackA commercial mail drop box comes in a variety of styles and colors to fit the requirements that come with each and every business.

Some organizations still prefer the doorway unit that allows the carrier to simply put the mail through the postal mail slot and carry on about his way.

This set up can require one of two things, however: somebody to gather the mail when it falls on the floor in the room on the interior area or even an attached box of some type that grabs the mail as it comes through.

The challenge here is unless the attached box is secured anyone can come into the building and grab the mail from the floor. It is important to use a secure holding container if you plan to utilize such a set up.

If your company receives both parcels and regular sized envelopes, you may want a combination unit which has drop slots for both mail and parcels. These units can be found in many different styles including pedestal-mounted, post-mounted and building mounted.

Courier Boxes

You can also find courier boxes and package boxes for those companies who are needing those versatile units. To be able to protect the security and integrity of such units, they come designed with locks.

A different sort of industrial mail drop box is the vault. This specific unit is free-standing, so it’s not ideal for those who don’t have outdoor space in front of the building, parking lot of another convenient place. Courier Box Blue

The mail drop box is installed into the “vault” instead of on a mail post or pedestal therefore making it far more difficult for vandals looking to break into a mailbox by ruining the entire unit. Just like other commercial postal mail drop boxes, the unit has a key which allows access.

Letter units are also available and as opposed to the mail slot that allows mail to fall into the lobby or other section of the building, the letter mail slot device is an individual system that the building proprietor installs.

It works like both a means for the mail carrier to supply the mail in addition to being a unit to hold the mail until one of the approved company reps brings the key to recover the mail your postal carrier already delivered.

Needless to say, these units are not appropriate for businesses that receive a substantial quantity of packages or big envelopes because as it would seem, it is for the delivery of letters.

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