3 Mail Chest Mailboxes on Single PostAny time you have the need to replace residential mailboxes you want to look for security and durability above all else.

If you have been living in your home for some time, you may be faced with the need to replace your existing mailbox.

This is especially important if you do not currently have a lock on your mailbox.

Mail theft has become a substantial problem and in order to reduce your chances of becoming a victim, you need a locking residential mailbox.

Each year millions of people fall victim to identity theft. People with great credit and a stable financial outlook end up with horrible credit scores and wrecked finances, just because they don’t have a secure mailbox.

It doesn’t matter if your mailbox is on the front of your house or you have a rural or column mailbox, no one is exempt from the potential hazard of mail fraud or identity theft.

However, by taking precautions you can certainly reduce the probability of becoming a victim.

When you are ready to replace your existing residential mailbox, there are several things you need to consider: security, durability and safety.

What this means is you need to look at how well the new mailbox will protect your mail from the hands of potential thieves.

You also want to consider its durability, keeping in mind mailboxes are always subject to vandalism. You must even consider potential accidents, especially if you have a column post or rural mailbox.

While safety is usually only important when it concerns a rural mailbox, it is still important to mention. All of these factors should play a significant role in your selection of a new residential mailbox.

If you are looking to replace a rural mailbox, there is no problem unless you are planning to move it from the current location.

If you are planning to relocate your existing rural mailbox, you will need to contact your local postmaster for current regulations concerning the installation of rural mailboxes.

You also want to ensure the mailbox is securely attached to the post in order to prevent danger to the mail carrier, remember this type of mailbox is designed so the mail carrier does not need to leave the truck.

While you may pay a little more money for something more durable, it will provide you with a peace of mind.

You will know your mailbox cannot be easily vandalized by potential thieves or someone just out to make trouble, and you will know it will offer protection from mail theft and potential identity theft.

There is never a guarantee, but when you choose a mailbox which makes the crime more difficult, you deter many criminals. After all, thieves are fairly lazy when it comes to creating a target for their next crime.

If they look at your mailbox and it’s secure and locking and look at your neighbor’s mailbox which is non-locking, they will always go for the easier target. It makes their job easier! So, don’t make yourself an easy victim and protect yourself today.